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"...saved the best for last. ...really get the crowd rockin' and it's a great time."
"The Hodads Funharmonic Orchestra...was an important and amazing contribution... costumes were fantastic and the music consistently upbeat, as evidenced...
"the entire crowd started dancing to the tunes of The Hodads and didn't stop until the band quit" (Special Olympics 2015)
"Their energetic performance got everyone up and dancing immediately. ...impossible to sit still while they were performing!"
"...the best party we ever had!...The group was terrific..."
"Your band is a blast! I had members of my district compliment me on my excellent selection of the HODADS for our luau entertainment."
"You kept'em singing and dancing for eight glorious weeks!" (Cancun, Mexico)
"...sincere thanks for the tremendous job "The Hodads" have done for the past two years. I constantly get reminders from our members on what a great group...
"...your band...made the ASB event happen!"
"...tremendous performance yesterday. ...very impressed with the show."
"...many comments regarding your band as being "fantastic", "fun", "incredible" , etc."
"Both the contemporary set and the Blues Brothers set were fantastic. How do you keep all that energy at this altitude?"
"You really know how to work the audience and get them up and dancin'."
"The way in which... your band threw your enthusiasm into our most important night, as if it was the single most important event in which the Hodads has...
"...impressed with the quality of your performances and the expertise with which the band performed...My office received many compliments"
" I've heard it said before The Hodads are the "Best Damn Party Band in the Universe"."